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Please help us support the USTA

Pace Area Tennis Association

Searching the Site...

You can search the site for pages and calendar events that contain one of more specific words and/or phrases by simply entering the desired words and/or phrases in the search field and hitting the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • To search for a phrase, include that phrase within double quotes

    Example: enter "Roger Scott" to find all pages and events that contain the phrase "Roger Scott"
  • To search for pages which contain ALL of several words, not necessarily as a phrase, enter a + sign in front of all words that you require to be found in the page (this is a logical AND search)

    Example: enter +Roger +Scott to find all pages and events which contain BOTH the words Roger AND Scott

    NoteThe first word will always be assumed to be required, so no + sign is actually required for the first word.
  • To search for all pages and events which contain ANY of several words (a logical OR search), just enter all of the words separated by spaces.

    Example: enter Roger Scott will return all pages and events which contain EITHER of the words Roger OR Scott

You can use these techniques individually or in combination in a search.

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Pace Area Tennis Association

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