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Ross Sakey

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  • Phone: 850~572~4840
  • Email:pro email contact
Tennis Club Affiliation: Villa Venyce Park

Private Lessons: $46 an hour

Certifications: P1 USPTA

Coaching Specialties: "I love working with all ages and skill levels in the game of tennis. I particularly enjoy teaching beginners because I can show them how great the sport of tennis is all while watching them progress with their game. My specialties range from developing all strokes for beginners to strategizing an advanced player's singles or doubles game."

Best Tennis Shot: Forehand

Favorite Tennis Shot to Teach: I enjoy teaching all shots, but developing a player's groundstrokes (forehand and backhand) are probably my favorites

Philosophy: My philosophy with tennis is to always stay positive and have fun with the sport. I'm all about working hard and improving, but I believe we should always have a smile on our face. You can be as great of a player as you want to be, you just have to be willing to put the time and effort in.

Did you know? Ross has had a tennis racquet in his LEFT hand since the day he was born. Ross made appearances at state two years in a row for singles and doubles as a junior player at Gulf Breeze High School. Ross went to college down at UCF in Orlando and received his bachelor's degree in Psychology (which comes in handy, since tennis is such a mental game). Ross began teaching down in Orlando running a junior tennis program for DreadHead Sports and taught at Interlachen Country Club. After that Ross taught for a summer season up in New York on Fisher's Island. Since then Ross has returned to his home town of Gulf Breeze and taught both at the Club 2 and Shoreline Park (current location).

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