Niese McLeod, Tennis Pro in Pensacola, Fl.
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Niese McLeod

Niese McLeod - Tennis Pro in Pensacola, FL - NW Florida
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850~384~5204 or 251~962~3818

Locations: Escambia High School and area neighborhoods

Private Lessons: $40 / hour

Coaching Specialties: "I enjoy teaching kids of all ages and levels. I also enjoy teaching adult private lessons."

Niese's favorite shot to teach: I love to teach them all!

Niese's Tennis Philosophy: Tennis is a sport for life that can be enjoyed by all ages and at all levels. I believe that players should focus not on winning but rather on having fun!

Niese McLeod - Escambia High School Tennis Pro in Pensacola, FL - NW Florida

Did you know? Niese runs a no-cut tennis team at Escambia High School. Her goal is to reach as many kids as possible with the great game of tennis, and the Escambia High tennis program has grown tremendously during her tenure!

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