Jim Morgan, Tennis Pro in Pensacola, Fl.
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Please help us support the USTA

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Jim Morgan

Jim Morgan - Tennis Pro in Pensacola, FL - NW Florida
Get QRcode for Jim's Contact Info To Schedule Lessons Call: 850~293~5834

Other Contacts:
  • Email:pro email contact
Club Affiliations: Montessori

Private Lessons: $40 / hour

Jim's Best Shot: Serve

Jim's Favorite Shot to Teach: Serve

Jim's Coaching Specialty: Juniors

Jim's Tennis Philosophy: "I love to see someone improve and get bitten by the tennis bug like I have."

Did you know? ....that Jim is VERY involved in the USTA, Quickstart and loves to work with Juniors at all levels. Jim has been captain of USTA 4.5 League teams for 9 years.

AND - did ya know that Jim is an artist - and of some repute, thank you very much!
Painting of Graham Edgar by Jim Morgan 20112012 Argos NCAA National Finalist Tennis Teams Famous Prematch Huddle by Jim Morgan 2012Painting by Jim Morgan 2017

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