Cameron Jones, Tennis Pro in Pensacola, Fl.
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Cameron Jones

Cameron Jones - Tennis Pro and coach in Pensacola, FL - NW Florida
Get QRcode for Cameron's Contact Info To Schedule Lessons Call: 850~292~3502

Other Contacts:
  • Email:pro email contact
Club Affiliation: NAS

Private Lessons:
  • $40/hr
  • $25 / half-hour
  • $45 / 1 and a half-hour for 3 + Cameron
Certification: USPTA

Cameron's Favorite Shot to Teach: The Serve - because it's the most important shot in tennis.

Cameron Jones - tennis pro at Pensacourt in Pensacola, Fl. Cameron's Best Shot: Return of Service - The second most important shot in tennis.

Coaching Specialties: Cameron loves teaching all ages. If any part of your tennis game is broken, Cameron can fix it!

Cameron's Tennis Philosophy: "There are not many guarantees in life - but I guarantee fun, learning and love of tennis!"

Did you know?

Cameron is a Florida native living in Pensacola with his wife and daughter.

He completed a BS in Health, Leisure and Exercise Science at UWF in 2001 and has worked for over a decade as a tennis coach at several schools and recreational facilities in the area.

Cameron's enthusiasm for teaching was rewarded when he was chosen to represent Pensacola as an instructor for Author Ashe Kid's day in New York Ciy at the U.S. Open in 2003.

Cameron Jones - tennis pro at Pensacourt in Pensacola, Fl.

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