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Sunday Fun Bunch Tennis at Roger Scott Tennis Center in Pensacola, FL Looking for a little for fun pick up tennis around the Greater Pensacola area? Well, you can probably drop into any of the local clubs or courts and find someone to play with - but there are also a couple of quasi-regular groups that get together for casual for-fun tennis as well.

  • Roger Scott Tennis Center:
    The RSTC Gentlemen's Tennis Club is a group of guys who play every Mon/Wed/Fri morning @ 7:30am. We play 2 or 3 CLAY courts from 7:30am till @ 9:00 am. We will generally continue play till @ 10:30am on at least one court when Ladies' League is not in season. Warmup will begin @ 7:15am or so. We draw cards for court and partner assignments at 7:30am to begin play. We play "1st to 4" and then re-draw just to mix things up and to keep things moving.

    All 3.5 and below men are welcome. Non-members and hard-court only members will need to pay appropriate soft court fees.

    Contact John McDaniel (850-932-0028) or Marvin Wagner (850-206-6916) for more info ... or just show up and join the fun.

  • Shoreline Park Fun Bunch Tennis group on FacebookShoreline Park:
    Generally every Sunday. The Fun Bunch folks have been meeting at Shoreline every Sunday for several years. We play from @ 1-4pm - men's, women's and mixed doubles, 8 games no-add at all levels. No Sign-up, or hard show times, just show up between 1 and 4 pm for some fun tennis with a nice bunch of people. No fees but participants occasionally bring various snacks to share with the group.

    Begining on November 3rd, 2013, play begins @ 1:00pm - this is the Winter Schedule. (Play begins at @ 6pm during the summer). Contact Mike Kemerer for more info or just show up and join the fun.

  • Bayview Park Tennis Courts:
    There are 2 groups that meet for casual tennis:

    • Generally every Saturday morning from @ 6:30am to 10-ish.
    • Bayview Gentlemen's Tennis Club: the BGTC is a group of guys who meet every Mon/Wed/Fri morning for some doubles play - maybe a singles round or two depending on the number of guys who show up. Play begins @ 7:30am during Standard time - and @ 8:30am during Daylight Savings time. And it's okay to get there @ 30 minutes or so early - many of us do to warm up a bit. ...BGTC Rules...

    No fees for either of the Bayview groups but bring your own refreshments because there are no vending machines. There's a port-o-potty in the parking lot and full restroom facilities down the hill.

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