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Please help us support the USTA

Under The Hill League Events Calendar Import

You can download an export of the TP Events Calendar for import into the calendar app on your phone, tablet and/or computer. The download will be in the form of an iCaldendar (.ics) file.

  • Download Cookie: Because events are added throughout the year, we will set a cookie each time you download so that we can minimize the size of the import file you receive. The cookie is named TPCalDownload and it simply contains the time of your previous download so we can strip out any previously downloaded events on future download requests.

    This is a cookie - NOT a 3rd party cookie.

    If your device does not accept the cookie, the only effect will be that the file you receive and import will be larger than necessary.
  • Sync-ed Calendar Apps: Updated Jan 17, 2016: We have resolved the issue of possible duplicate event entries if you download on several sync'ed devices at different times.
  • Event Details: Because the details of almost all events change now and then, the events listed in your local calendar app will NOT contain event details - rather, your calendar will have event titles, dates, location, contact information (if available) and a link to the event in the TP calendar. All event details will reside and be maintained in the TP Calendar.

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