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2012  Summer Camps at Roger Scott Tennis Center in Pensacola, FL
The Pensacola Tennis Committee
April 2012 - By Joe Lovoy
A group of tennis players that you know comprise The Pensacola Tennis Committee

This committee represents all who play at Roger Scott Tennis Center, Bayview Park, Armstrong Park and Hollice T. Williams Park (under the overpass).

This advisory group was formed at the request of David Flaherty, Director of Neighborhood Services. We are not a formal board or part of Parks and Recreation. We meet occasionally as need arises. We all volunteer our time to help improve tennis related activities and facilities in Pensacola. Our focus is, specifically, on Pensacola and Escambia county; however, we may discuss and consider activities and facilities in surrounding cities and counties when appropriate and as they may impact local activities and facilities.

We do not make policy, rules or set fees. We make recommendations and act as the voice of the Pensacola tennis community. That being said, many of our recommendations and suggestions have been put into action. If you have something you wish to say to us, just let us know.

Even though we are not a formal board - nor part of the city or county goverment - we do wish to keep the local tennis community informed about topics of discussion and interest. So, we will, from time to time, distribute and post information ...
Since I (Joe Lovoy) chair the group, you can contact me at 850~291~1946 or

Even easier is to talk to members as you see them on the court.

The Pensacola Tennis Committee members are:
  • Joe Lovoy (chair)
  • Jeannie Barrow
  • Gayle Baugh
  • Susan Bonsignore
  • Bruce Caton
  • Rita Dotson
  • Michael Edge
  • Vera Fitzpatrick
  • David Flaherty
  • Scott Harrison
  • Diana Waters
  • John Hunt
  • Ray Palmer
  • Jake Renfroe
  • Dick Sloan
  • Mindy Straw
  • Terry Thrash
  • Wayne Selkirk
  • Marvin Wagner

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