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Greater Pensacola Ladies Tennis League (GPLTL) Pensacola, FL Greater Pensacola Ladies Tennis League (GPLTL)
The GPLTL was founded in 1977 by a group of ladies who desired an organized league for competitive tennis at a recreational level. Today the GPLTL has over 1000 members and 10 flights of teams from 13 participating tennis facilities who compete during fall and spring seasons of play.
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Greater Pensacola Tennis Association (GPTA) Pensacola, FL Greater Pensacola Tennis Association (GPTA)
The GPTA is made up of tennis players and fans who desire to contribute to a progressive and enjoyable tennis atmosphere in our area.
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Pace Area Tennis Association (PATA) Pace, FL Pace Area Tennis Association (PATA)
The PATA is a non-profit organization made up of tennis enthusiasts who work to bring tennis to Pace, Fl. by the development of tennis programs at the Santa Rosa Sports Complex through tournaments, junior tennis camps, clinics, league play, and the USTA Quick Start Tennis.
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Pensacola Junior Tennis Association (PJTA) Pensacola, FL Pensacola Junior Tennis Association (PJTA)
The PJTA is an organization of tennis professionals, parents and volunteers promoting and directing junior tennis players. Tennis is a game for a lifetime for all different skill levels. The chance to learn the game as a junior will benefit a player tremendously.
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Santa Rosa Tennis Association (SRTA) Pensacola, FL Santa Rosa Tennis Association (SRTA)
The SRTA is an organization dedicated to supporting tennis in Santa Rosa County. As an SRTA member, you will receive discounts on future tournaments, designated clinics, mixers and more.
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Scott Women's Tennis Association (SWTA) Pensacola, FL Scott Women's Tennis Association (SWTA)
Scott Women's Tennis Association (SWTA) is an Association of players who are on the ladies' league teams which call Roger Scott Tennis Center "home."
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Over 50 but Under The Hill Men's 50+ Tennis League at Roger Scott Tennis Center in Pensacola, FL Over 50 but Under The Hill
The UTH league is a 50+ men's league that plays at Roger Scott Tennis Center
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United States Tennis Association (USTA) United States Tennis Association (USTA)
Pensacola, Florida has a large USTA membership including Men, Women, Juniors, Seniors, Super Seniors, Mixed and Combo leagues at all levels.
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