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Carriage Hills Garden Apartments in Pensacola, Fl.

What's New on TennisPensacola.com

This is just a convenient place to find a list of new features and services as they are added to the TennisPensacola.com website.
  • Website converted to https: The TennisPensacola.com website has been entirely reworked to be secure - i.e. to use https instead of http. This way, all communication between you and the website is encrypted. All old http addresses, bookmarks and links etc. will still work but will be forced onto a secure connection.
    Added: 09-11-17
  • Calendar Download UPDATE: We improved the support for users who have sync'ed calendar apps across several devices to further avoid the possibility of duplicate event entries.
    Added: 01-17-16
  • Calendar Download: You can now download the entire TennisPensacola.com Events Calendar for import into the calendar apps on your phone, tablet and/or computer. This way, you'll always have the calendar at your fingertips - no need to constantly view the calendar online to see what's coming up next. AND, because various events - like mixers and captains' meetings etc. - are added throughout the year, you can download and import the new events as often as you like. If no new events have been added since the last time you downloaded, the download facility will simply tell you that no new events have been added. If one or more events HAVE been added since the last time you grabbed the calendar, the new download will contain only those new events.

    Also, you do not need to login to download the calendar. This new feature is available to everyone, whether or not you are registered in the GPTC. ... go see it ...
    Added: 01-04-16
  • Responsive Site Rework: I've been reworking the TP site, lately, to change to a "responsive" presentation. In plain english, this just means that the pages will render themselves differently depending on the device you use to access the site. I've made 3 levels of presentation: one for normal computer screens, one more suited to tablets, and, finally, one more suited to phones. As of this announcement, only part of the site has been converted: various pages (like the front page), all club pages, all pro pages, the main phone directory, the Photo and Video galleries, the Calendar, the GPTC and the FAR have all been done. Various individual pages (like specific clinic pages etc.), some Association pages and, perhaps most critically, the Ladders have NOT yet been converted but will be - soon, I hope - as I have time to make the changes. This means is that some parts of the site will be responsive to the device you are using, while other pages will still render in the old full-size presentation.

    The old and new pages will look slightly different in their overall format on computer screens - but the differences are very minor - so the old and new pages seem to co-exist on the site nicely.

    Anyway, if you see any particular problems - or have any thoughts on how I might make things better, please drop me a note.
    Added: 05-17-14
  • Latest Club Facebook Posts: Clubs with Facebook pages now have their most recent Facebook post displayed on their TP Club page with more info links to their FB page. See the Roger Scott club page for an example.
    Added: 07-12-13
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    Added Pinterest Sharing Added sharing suppport for Pinterest ... for all you pinners out there ;-)
    Added: 03-25-13
  • Current Court Conditions Report: I added a facility to allow you to check the current court conditions - example "hard courts have some puddle but are playable - and clay courts are playable." It should allow you to check court conditions from your computer, tablet, phone etc. Currently this is only available for Roger Scott Tennis Center but, if any of the other clubs would like it, I can add it for them as well. You will see the link for the popup report on the Roger Scott Tennis Center club page - at the top just under the club name. ... go see it ...
    Added: 02-14-13
  • Free Agent Registry (FAR): Added scannable and clickable QR code import of contact info on the FAR search results pages... read more ...
    Added: 07-23-12
  • Free Agent Registry (FAR): The FAR helps match players with teams for various USTA, USTAFL and UTHL league seasons in the Greater Pensacola area. It also provides facility for players to find other players who just want to get out and hit from time to time. ... read more ...
    Added: 07-16-12
  • Pensacola Tennis Committee News: In order to help keep the entire Pensacola Tennis Community up to date with the committee's activities, we have added a section to the site where we cover the committee, its activities, its recommendations etc. ...read more ...
    Added: 04-23-12
  • Added some support for QR Codes around the site:

    Calendar: Event listings now include a QR code or link to allow visitors to import basic event info into their local calendar apps see the QR Code graphic and scan it to get the event into their smartphone calendar. Non-mobile device users can click a link to download the calendar event into their local calendar app.

    • Non-mobile device users can click a link (scan QR...) to popup a QR code. They can then scan the QR Code with a mobile device to import the event into the mobil device's calendar app - OR - click the QR Code graphic to download a .ics (calendar) file into their local calendar app.
    • Mobile device users can click a link (import Event...) that will allow you to download a .ics (calendar) file into the mobile device's calendar app.
    • Event Coordinators: Assuming we already have your event on the TP Calendar, you can right-click and save the QR code graphic for your event. Then you can include it on your flyer so that folks can scan it with their smartphones to get into their local calendar. It will make it easy for them to keep up with any updates or changes to the event.
    Ladders: When a ladder member views another member's profile, they will, now, also see a QR Code that can be scanned OR clicked to import that member's contact info (phones and email) into the contact list on their phone or computer.

    TP Contact: A QR Code has been added to the main TP contact page that can be clicked or scanned to import the TP contact info a visitor's computer or phone contact list.
    Added: 1-8-12
  • The TennisPensacola.com Singles Ladders have begun using the GPTC for Ladder Member management: Both the Men's (PMS) and Ladies' (PLS) Singles ladders have been converted to use the GPTC for ladder member management. Existing ladder members need to connect their GPTC Profile with their ladder membershgip before they can continue playing the ladders. ... read more...
    Added: 12-20-11
  • The Greater Pensacola Tennis Community (GPTC) Registry ProjectThe Greater Pensacola Tennis Community (GPTC) Registry: The GPTC Registry project is an effort to develop a membership Registry service that local individuals, associations and events can use to improve communications and to simplify things like joining associations or leagues, registering for local events etc. ... More info & Registration...
    Added: 06-10-11
  • Hosting of the PATA website: We're excited to announce that we were chosen to develop and host the new Pace Area Tennis Association (PATA) website. Besides association information, it includes online membership support as well as online purchasing and scheduling of light time, and control of the court lighting for the PATA tennis courts located in the Santa Rosa Sports Plex. ... Visit the PATA website...
    Added: 05-17-11
  • Added support for a WITHDRAWN status to the TP Singles Ladders. ... read more...
    Added: 01-29-11
  • Added a Map of All Local Tennis Facilities to both the main Clubs Directory page and the Clubs drop-down menu item. The map uses the new Google Maps Location Aware GeoCoding facilities. Not all browsers support geocoding yet - but never fear - we've written the map handling to allow all browsers to be able to use the maps for directions etc.
    Added: 12-19-10
  • New TP Ladder Function: Added functionality to the TP Ladders which allows us to generate box match assignments for new or reactivated ladder members for the month in which they join or reactivate themselves. More information available in the section entitled "MID-MONTH BOX MATCH ASSIGNMENTS" ... read more...
    Added: 09-17-10
  • Current Under The Hill League Summary & Schedules: We have added a page where UTH members can see the current team standings and get info about any UTH team's season schedule and captain contact info. Scores are automatically updated weekly as the captains report them.
    Added: 09-14-10
  • TP's Mobile Tennis Ladder FeaturesWe're delighted to announce that you can now access the TP Tennis Ladders from your favorite mobile phone or device. Running late to a scheduled match?... just browse the member list and click-to-call your worthy opponent to let them know you're on your way. Or Check your outstanding Box Matches for the month. ... read more...
    Added: 07-24-10
  • Pensacola Men's Singles (PMS) Tennis LadderMen's and Ladies' Singles Tennis Ladders: Added support for tennis ladders to the TP site. Several ladders are freely available to men and ladies in the Greater Pensacola area who want to play some loosely organized singles. ...read more.
    Added: 07-15-10
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    YOU SHARE IT! Wherever you see the Share options (right), you can simply click the icon for your social network of choice to share information from the TP website with your friends in that network. Networks supported: digg, facebook, reddit, stumbleupon, twitter and myspace. Where appropriate, you will also be offered a link for emailing information. (added Pinterest on 3-25-13)
    Added: 05-02-10
  • TennisPensacola.com Calendar Events are automatically posted to the FaceBook platformCalendar Posts to Facebook: Updated the TP Calendar code so that any time an event is added, edited or deleted from the calendar, we automatically post a notice on both Kicker's wall and the TennisPensacola.com Group's wall in Facebook. This means alerts to such calendar changes are are now available on both Twitter and Facebook.
    Added: 04-24-10
  • Calendar Event Location Map Links: Updated the calendar so that when we have a map link for the location of an event, there will be a map... link displayed in the event posting. You'll no longer need to visit the actual club page to get a map to the event.
    Added: 04-20-10
  • Club Specific Event Listings: Updated all club pages to add a listing of all the upcoming events for that club.
    Added: 02-23-10
  • Photo Album Magnifier: The last change to the TP Photo Album changed images to be displayed on the page rather than in a popup. This meant that images would often be displayed smaller than they actually are - harder to see folks in large group shots, for example.

    TP Photo Magnifier iconSO, I wrote a little magnifier applet for use on the TP Photo Album. When you see the magnifier icon (shown right) in the top right corner of an image, you can click it to reload the image with the magnifier activated. You can move the magnified window around the image to see more detail.
    Resize the magnified window: left-click-hold and drag the mouse left or right.
    Added: 02-23-10
  • Improved Calendar Display: The TP Calendar will no longer display any past event listings for the current month unless you choose to see them. To see past events for the current month, you can click the Include this month's past events link above the event listings. You can then turn off the display of past events in the current month with the Hide this month's past events link. Months other than the current month are unchanged.
    Added: 1-31-10
  • Improved Photo Album: In answer to the requests for Previous/Next links, we've reworked the TP Photo Gallery. The Print link will open a full-size and printable popup of the selected image.
    Added: 11-25-09
  • Tennispensacola.com on TwitterDo you Twitter? Wellllll - We DO!! You can now keep up with new and updated tennis events in the greater Pensacola, FL area - just follow our TWEETS at https://twitter.com/tennispensacola
    Added: 8-14-09
  • Tennis Phone Directory: a directory of Tennis related phone numbers in the Greater Pansacola, Fl area. If accessed with a mobile phone, will present as click-to-call phone numbers with optional links that will store numbers (with name) in your phone's phonebook. Added: 3-16-09
    Location: Courts || Tennis Phone Directory
  • TP Instant Alerts: users can sign up to receive instant text messages about last minute changes to various tennis events on their cell phones. Added: 3-10-09
    Location: Bleachers || TP Instant Alerts
  • TP Classifieds Added: 2-24-09
    Location: Bleachers || TP Classifieds

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Carriage Hills Garden Apartments in Pensacola, Fl.

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