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Privacy Statement for Tennis Pensacola:
Effective: June 30, 2011

Tennis Pensacola has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to our clients', members', customers', sponsors' and visitors' (hereinafter "customer") privacy. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for the Tennis Pensacola website, known as

We do not sell or provide any individually identifiable customer information to any third party except as follows:
  • as part of any advertising or sponsorship agreement with customer. Such information disclosed will consist of things such as customer contact or product information etc. as defined by the advertising or sponsorship agreement between and customer;
  • in response to subpoenas, court orders or legal process, or if we find that your actions on our web site violate any laws or commonly acceptable website use practices;
  • as content on discussion forum message boards, including the Facebook page or Twitter board, and chats where customer comments are publicly available as consistent with the use of such facilities;
  • as website content, your name may appear as a winner, finalist or participant in some event OR as a caption under a photo from some event in which you were a winner, finalist or participant - NOTE: if you do not wish your name to appear in event results reports or photo albums on the website, simply send us an email letting us know that you prefer that your name not be listed and we will exclude it from any such reports or captions;
  • as content in certain member directory listings where customer has joined - NOTE: these do provide privacy controls to allow customer to control what, if any, of their information may be displayed in such directory listings ... Also, these sorts of listings are only available to other members (such as other ladder or GPTC members) and are not available to casual visitors to the website;
  • in the case of the Greater Pensacola Tennis Community (GPTC) Registry, registered profile information IS made available to local USTA coordinators, tennis associations, event coordinators and tennis leagues in order to allow GPTC members to easily join/renew memberships or register for events and to allow the associations, events and leagues to communicate certain information to customer.

Should there be substantive or material change in our policies or practices related to information sharing or other aspects of this Privacy Policy, all affected individuals will be notified of the change by email and allowed the option of excluding their information prior to implementation of the change.. Such notice will contain specific instructions on how to have information excluded.

This site contains links to other sites and may be "linked to" from other sites. Tennis Pensacola is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any other Web site.

We use your IP address and other automatically retrieved information (such as the browser used) to help administer our Web site. IP address may also be stored with personally identifiable information and communication only to allow us to provide better customer service.

Our site may use cookies in order to provide a better site experience to our visitors: for example, cookies may be used to track when you are logged-in on certain areas of the website. If cookies are not accepted, the customer may not be able to take advantage of certain site features and services. Other cookies may be used for visitors entering from Tennis Pensacola affiliates, customer referrals or preferred customer groups. Cookies which are set and used within the Tennis Pensacola website do NOT contain specific individual identity, passwords or other confidential information. The lifetime of any Tennis Pensacola cookie depends on it's use and ranges from "session only" to 6 months or more.

Our site uses several html forms to allow our customers to register or use certain site features and services, or to request information or assistance. Customers are not required to provide such contact information if they do not wish to use the particular service or receive such additional or future communications. All such customer information is maintained in a secure manner.

We DO NOT gather nor do we store any customer financial data on the website or databases.


This site has certain security measures in place to protect against loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. Online servers are protected from unauthorized electronic access by firewall technology which recognizes, reports and locks out unusual or apparently un-authorized access attempts.

Databases are regularly backed up and saved to protect against loss of information. Backup storage media and online servers are maintained in a physically secured and environmentally controlled facility with monitored physical access controlled by password, biometric and physical security measures.

Access to customer information (including backup media) by staff and contractors is controlled by both policy and electronic means. Only authorized staff have access to customer data. Individual staff members may be allowed to access only certain parts of customer information as may be required to perform their job functions. All staff or contractors with any access to customer data are under signed agreement not to misuse or disclose such information to any third party except as may be required by law or job function.


This site gives users the following options for removing their information from our database so as not to receive future communications or service.

If you have signed up to receive the weekly event reminders email, but now wish to stop receiving such email from us, you can simply visit the subscription management page and use the form there to remove your email address.

All email sent to our Opt-In mail list will contain a link (or URL) that can be used to automatically remove the receiving email address and name (if present in the database) from the mail list.

Facilities such as the GPTC Registry or Tennis Ladders provide online mechanisms for users to resign their membership. Members may also send us email (address below) to request assistance in resigning a Registry membership.

Corrections, Updates & Removal

This site gives users and customers the following options for changing or removing information previously provided.
NOTE: All such requests related to Customer Data must contain the customer's Name, Billing address (if applicable) and email address.

  1. You can send email to
  2. You can send mail to the following postal address:
    Tennis Pensacola
    4660 Francisco
    Pensacola, Fl. 32504
  3. You can call the following telephone number: 1-850-207-7009 Monday through Friday -10am-5pm (CST/CDT)

Contacting Us About the Web Site

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this Web site, you can contact Tennis Pensacola Customer Service in several ways:

  1. You can send email to
  2. You can send mail to the following postal address:
    Tennis Pensacola
    4660 Francisco
    Pensacola, Fl. 32504
  3. You can call the following telephone number: 1-850-207-7009 Monday through Friday -10am-5pm (CST/CDT)

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